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Call for Charity Raffle Sponsors!

Plans are underway for The Handmade Market on November 8. One thing we still need some help with — donations for the Charity Raffle baskets. Can you contribute something {a good or service} or ask a friend to donate? Since The Handmade Market began way back in 2006, The Handmaidens have supported a local charity at each event. The accumulated charity collections over the years total more than $11,000!

shoppers at the handmade market

On November 8th, we are supporting Read and Feed, a literacy organization dedicated to nurturing the importance of reading from an early age. If you or someone you know could make a contribution, Read and Feed & The Handmaidens would both appreciate it. Your contribution is tax-deductible, plus your donation will be seen by all of the shoppers who attend The Handmade Market and purchase Charity Raffle tickets. Sound good? Submit your donation information here!

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