Because Mall is a Four Letter Word

get to know our new sponsor: Shop Local Raleigh


Please give a warm Handmade Market welcome to our new sponsor Shop Local Raleigh!

Shop Local Raleigh promotes locally owned and operated businesses and works to educate consumers, business owners and the Raleigh community about the many benefits of spending locally.

Shop Local Raleigh has two bright sides to their coin. On the one side we as consumers can easily find a list of hundreds of local independent business owners in the area.  And there are awesome deals to take part in, like $20 on the 20th!

On the other side, members of Shop Local Raleigh are promoted through local television and radio ads, social media and directly on the Shop Local Raleigh website. (check out their colorful Instagram, you’ll want to start following them!) Members have access to networking and training events along with tips and articles to better their business. In this day of websites for just about every business, you need your home page to make a good first impression, right? Shop Local Raleigh has some great insights for you to be a success at this. Check it out here

The bottom line… when we spend money locally, it helps our own communities and neighborhoods. In fact here are 10 good reasons to Shop Local…Raleigh!

So Show Some Local Love!

and thank YOU Shop Local Raleigh for showing some love to The Handmade Market!

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