The Handmade Market Spotlight: My Invisible Ink

Bethany Hadden from My Invisible Ink

Describe your style, influences, inspiration, and what you plan to bring:
I am inspired by the natural textures of wood . Working with the grains and knots gives an individual look to each piece. It’s challenging yet satisfying. My creativity is sparked by several styles such as quirky street art, colorful abstracts to black and white hand sketches.
I’m bringing my usual mixed media animal pieces, a few new animals and a few originals. These sell the best because they’re fun gifts with a lot of personality. There are some sweet small wooden animal head bowls in my mix of creations I’ll be selling for the very first time. I’m excited to see how those will do.

In you experience, what has been your best venue for selling your work:
It’s always been the smaller markets that my work does best. Art is, a lot of the time something that needs to be seen in person, held to feel and see texture. It’s also the most challenging for me to prepare for. Creating a large quantity of work to sell and developing fresh ideas is really really difficult with a three year old to also take care of. Though, sometimes those late nights I do my best work!

What is your favorite way to put yourself in the mood for creativity?:
Number one…put the three year old to bed and hop into my studio which is in my sunroom. Sometimes I put my headphones on to listen to music and sometimes I turn on a show to binge watch. Well, I turn on a show I think I can binge listen to since my head is looking down to paint. My prepping involves, saws and sanders so that’s usually done outside with no distractions. I’m a loner since I have to squeeze in work here and there.

What is the weirdest job you have ever had?:
I had a strange painting commission. Someone hired me to paint a big yellow chicken on the black top flap of her yellow Nissan Xterra. I just went with it.

Which artist at The Handmade Market are you excited to see/meet?:
I’m looking forward to seeing new pottery by Trista Hudzik. Her work is so beautiful and fresh!

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For the full vendor gallery, and all the details you’ll ever need about The Handmade Market, go here! See you May 13th!

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