Urban Vintage Spotlight: Wendell Antiques & More


Annette Pearce of Wendell Antiques & More

Describe your style, influences, inspiration, and what you plan to bring:
My influence came from my grandmother. She used day to day with a lot of the wares I sell now. Enamelware, cotton tablecloths, wooden boxes, pails, & buckets. Enamelware is my weakness. In all colors. Every piece tells a story. I also like to upcycle items. Find new uses for old items. Use a baby crib as a planter outside. for example. I plan on bringing handmade lamp and a 70 year old lamp. Luggage, enamelware, boxes, midcentury pieces as a nightstand and metal record player table.

Who are your style crushes/vintage icons/fashion muses, and why/how do they influence you?:
I admire Nicole Curtis and the Rodriguez’s. The renovate old homes. Love to see what they have renovated to keep up with the changing styles and comfort.

Everybody has that thing that got away, what’s the purchase you never made that still sometimes keeps you awake at night?:
I still dream about an estate sale at an old school in Youngsville. The owner had rehabbed part of it for his own residence. My truck was full and it was snowing. I had no room. I had already bought a truck full. He had an outbuilding with metal lockers from the 40s, a jailhouse cell door, metal baskets, old doors and ironwork edging. I had no place to store those items and no room on my truck. The building would have been beautiful renovated as an event space. It is now empty. When I ride by that area, I ride by the school and just sigh.

Where can customers usually shop your wares:
at the store: 123 N. Main St. Wendell, NC 27591 and at shows

Follow Wendell Antiques & More:
Facebook- facebook.com/wendellantiques&more

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