Because Mall is a Four Letter Word



It’s November and DECO turns 5! That’s a big mark to celebrate and we are so glad we can celebrate with them! DECO has become a fixture in the downtown Raleigh landscape. As DECO turns 5 we also celebrate 5 years of DECO as our Master Sponsor. For FIVE years they have been sponsoring our Handmade Market and Urban Vintage shows. For 2 to 4 shows a year they have been standing right there with us!

As they celebrate 5 years they have some BIG news! Have you heard? They are combining DECO and DECO Home into one store just a few steps away from their current store. It’s happening in the Spring of 2018. You can read all about it and follow along to catch their updates. Take a look at this initial sketch of the facade! It’s going to be awesome!

Oh and if you’re new to town and you don’t even know about DECO you HAVE to check them out for all the gifts! They are like The Handmade Market on steroids!

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