Because Mall is a Four Letter Word

Thank you everyone for the best 23rd edition of The Handmade Market


A great big hug to all of you who came downtown this weekend and enjoyed The Handmade Market with the rest of us! Your overwhelming patronage and support keeps us excited and going strong. It confirms we are still on to something that people want here, a curated arts and crafts market where we bring together a community of artisans and the shoppers who love them! We had a packed house inside and tons of traffic out in the courtyard on a beautiful, CRISP, North Carolina Autumn day. Thank you for coming out and showing our artists that you love what they are creating!

Thank you for contributing to our featured charity El Pueblo. Their mission is for Latinos to achieve positive social change by building consciousness, capacity, and community action. TOGETHER we raised hundreds of dollars to help. Thank you!

To the amazing artists, we thank YOU for sharing your talent with all of us. We all went home with packages of goodness! Thank you for working late into the night in your studios to bring us your very best!

If you want to keep up with any or all of the artists you saw this weekend, check out the gallery  And, read the artist spotlight posts, where you will also find links to their various websites and social media outlets. Keep on drooling and find out where they will be showing up next.




We would love to shout out one more DOUBLE THANK YOU to our show sponsors, Craft Habit and Deco! It’s because of their generosity and support that we are able to present this Market to you.

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