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The Handmade Market Spotlight: Juniper Bay Metals


Staci Phebus from Juniper Bay Metals

Juniper Bay Metals
raffle donor

Describe your style, influences, inspiration, and what you plan to bring:

Rustic yet modern jewelry designs in silver and gold, with a side of delicious turquoise and obsessive detail work. I draw inspiration from the ocean and it’s tiniest life forms, and also from the stones and materials I use. Earrings are my best sellers for gift giving. Rings are a customer fave for treating ones’ self!

How did you learn your craft?:

I stumbled into metalsmithing in art school while following a painting & drawing path. I ended up concentrating my BFA in Metal Design at ECU (quite a few years ago!) and have enjoyed the craft ever since. I have since studied at Penland School of Crafts, Pullen Arts Center, Pocosin Arts Center, and through fun jewelry “play dates” with other local metalsmithing pals.

What is your favorite way to put yourself in the mood for creativity?:

Generally I start my mornings in the studio with a fave podcast – Beautiful Anonymous, WTF, or Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations. Yeah I know it’s a broad mix, but that’s how I roll! A stroll outdoors after lunch and some good hip-hop helps keep my energy flowing into the afternoon. The workdays seem to FLY by when I’m working on my jewelry!

If you have sold or attended before, what’s your favorite Handmade Market memory or purchase?:

I can remember HMM way back in its (original?) location off Oberlin Rd. I was only practicing jewelry a little bit then, and I was SO inspired by all the artisans there. I thought “one day, I want to be a vendor here!” That was probably 2005 or so. Goes to show, a lot can happen with a little inspo, a little time, and a lot of hard work!

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