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The Handmade Market Spotlight: Thicket


Rebecca Perea-Kane from Thicket

Describe your style, influences, inspiration, and what you plan to bring:
Thicket is minimal jewelry inspired by the natural world. The work all begins with casting found and foraged natural objects. I’ve recently begun working more with casting minerals – quartz crystals, herkimer diamonds and salt crystals – so new mineral pieces will be coming with me to the Handmade Market this year!

In your experience, what has been your best venue for selling your work:
With Thicket I wholesale, I do custom work including wedding bands, I sell through my website and I sell at markets. Markets are my favorite way to connect with customers, to meet other artists and to explore new cities. My partner and I will often try to come down a day early or stay a day after a market to explore!

Which artist at The Handmade Market are you excited to see/meet?:
I’m really looking forward to seeing Tierra Sol Studio and maybe coming home with another plant and I’m also looking forward to seeing Lo & Behold and her line up of body products!

What is your favorite way to put yourself in the mood for creativity?:
My studio is off the back of our house and I love this time of year when it gets warm enough to have the many windows open. I listen to so many podcasts and my dog Arthur keeps me company.

How did you come up with your business name?:
I work a lot with thorns, brambles and other small spiky things from nature. I came up with Thicket because I was looking for a name from the natural world that was both lovely and a little bit fierce.

What advice would you give to an artist just starting out and/or what is the best advice you have received for your art & business?:
If I could tell one thing to myself 4 years ago it would be to make sure to take the time occasionally to step back and check what direction you want to be going and make sure all the hard work on the day to day level is actually in service of that direction. I think I spent a lot of time early on working without thinking very much about the bigger picture.

What is the best comment or compliment you have ever received for your work?
I try to create delicate, unfussy pieces that can be worn constantly and so when someone tells me that their Thicket necklace is the piece of jewelry they wear every day I’m so happy.

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