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Urban Vintage Spotlight: Retro Reclaimations

Jennifer Benson from Retro Reclaimations

IMG_20160709_120734My love for vintage started as a child shopping with my mom. She would “pick” me,out of her four children, to go shopping once a month. The sights, sounds, and especially the smell of antique/vintage stores stayed with me through adulthood. My brain loves science, my degree is in biology, but my heart loves vintage. I have collected vintage glassware, think Pyrex & Hazel Atlas, for years and only this year opened an online– & began applying to EVERY vintage market across the Carolinas (which I am in the process of writing an ebook about). I enjoy selling online but am passionate about attending markets. The people, the atmosphere, and mostly the nostalgia are where it’s at for me. I have witnessed women walk in to my booth, spot a piece of vintage Pyrex, and listened as her eyes filled with tears while she told me the story about receiving that exact Pyrex dish as a wedding present in 1958. Each & every dish, glass, salt shaker I sell have a history of previous ownership. Ultimately, this is what I chase…the stories.

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Store- Flea Body’s Antique Mall-Wilmington, NC

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